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Senshi and Samurai by EmiOhki Senshi and Samurai :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 8 5 Lovely Sailor Moon by EmiOhki Lovely Sailor Moon :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 2 1
Lack of Neutrality in a Nutshell
In another time, another place...
An organization watches everything we do and forces their rules upon us. The result is a dry well of upsides and many downsides. One guy couldn't finish or even pass an essay because he couldn't access any links offered to help him. One girl wanted to tell her crush how she felt about him with an email, but it was exposed and she lost her nerve. Another guy couldn't buy the specific DVD of a movie, so he had no choice but to get an inferior version that had a scratch. Another girl attempted to upload a video addressing her stance on a subject that irked her, only for it to be blocked 5 minutes later.
What is this horrible time and place? This could have been the near future if net-neutrality isn't supported. To make a long story short, a small group of companies are trying to violate the 1st and 4th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, said Amendments being the original entries back in the 18th century. If they were to succeed, this
:iconemiohki:EmiOhki 4 1
Crossover Pairing Meme: Clemont and EG!Rarity by EmiOhki Crossover Pairing Meme: Clemont and EG!Rarity :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 2 2 Enter Chibis by EmiOhki Enter Chibis :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 9 7 Boy of the House (Growing Around) by EmiOhki Boy of the House (Growing Around) :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 2 1 Cartoon Hero by EmiOhki Cartoon Hero :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 2 0 MLP Scorecard 4 by EmiOhki MLP Scorecard 4 :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 1 1 Daughter's Day (Growing Around) by EmiOhki Daughter's Day (Growing Around) :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 11 3 The Rowdy Reviewer by EmiOhki The Rowdy Reviewer :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 1 3 Sally Dunn by EmiOhki Sally Dunn :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 7 11 EG!Twilight for Antisapien by EmiOhki EG!Twilight for Antisapien :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 2 3 Pega-Sleepy by EmiOhki Pega-Sleepy :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 1 1 Special Somepony Valentine by EmiOhki Special Somepony Valentine :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 3 3 MLP Scorecard 3 by EmiOhki MLP Scorecard 3 :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 1 3 MLP Scorecard 2 by EmiOhki MLP Scorecard 2 :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 1 0
Various drawings, writings, memes, etc. that I have done.


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As of today, I now seem to be watched by a hardcore fan (not of me)...
A tad late, but... Happy birthday to :iconthecrimsonmayhem: and :iconnanihoo:. I was surprised to know they share a birthday. :clap:
Senshi and Samurai
I have been working on this portrait for MrEnter's birthday since JANUARY 14TH. Why did I start on it early? Because that was when Dragon Ball Super and the original Samurai Jack episodes aired back-to-back... up until "Jack vs. Mad Jack". During this time, I figured that a portrait of us in roles similar to Sailor Moon and Jack would be the best idea for a birthday present. They were our favorite shows in our younger days, until we saw Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and BoJack Horseman among other things. Samurai Enter's attire looks similar to Jack's, except it's the same color as his coat and he has light blue tabi socks. Also unlike Jack, his ponytail is placed low. The funny part is that John did have a ponytail while he was making the "Brian's a Bad Father" review. ;P

We may not get back to the past, but in the name of decency, we will punish you! And John, I hope you have a great birthday. =D
For some reason, my Surface briefly blacked out while I was checking my messages...! :omfg: Seriously, this day was the worst possible time for it to do so, and I hope it doesn't happen ever again. :fingerscrossed:
Lovely Sailor Moon
Finally, I get around to making a drawing one of the greatest heroines in anime: Sailor Moon!



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Emily J.
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I am an autistic, brontophobic, video-game playing, glasses-wearing, OCD young woman who happens to have drawing as one of my hobbies.
I finished the second season of BoJack Horseman last Friday, and I will dispense my thoughts on each episode. Note that there are spoilers for those who haven't seen the show, so those who haven't seen it yet have to press the back button or something. And of course, you have to watch the first season before getting to the second one...

(Read My Thoughts on BoJack Horseman: Season 1 before this)

Brand New Couch: Let me say that Wendie Malick is perfect for the role of BoJack's mother Bea, since she has the voice to give enough venom to this malicious mare. And they make the episode about filming the Secretariat biopic seem more depressing within context.

Yesterdayland: Todd's attempt at an amusement park is hilarious. And despite a few clichés with the romance in BoJack's plot, this is still a good episode.

Still Broken: Herb has died, but from an intense peanut allergy since his rectal cancer went into remission. The main story is interesting, and once again, Todd's subplot is funny. As for Henry Winkler's message, it is... slightly nonsensical.

After the Party: Everyone gets romantic issues shortly after Diane's surprise birthday party. Princess Carolyn finds out that Vincent, really Kevin, is actually a child while Todd falls in love with Siri, who cheats on P.C.'s phone with him...?; BoJack starts questioning his relationship with Wanda as they help a deer war veteran BoJack accidentally hits with his car; and Diane gets angry at Mr. Peanutbutter for going overboard on his love for her. This may be my favorite episode of the second season due to how funny and sentimental it got. Also, Wanda's attempts at jokes are good, particularly the art shift for both times.

Chickens: Whoo, boy... this episode may be the best example on how screwed up the show's universe can get. A universe where every animal is humanoid, bestiality is nonexistent, and some of them end up as dinner. On a side note, chicken is one of my favorite foods, which opens another proverbial can of worms. The subplot about BoJack's attempts to get Kelsey to soften up to him surprises me as it ends up with her learning to be a better mother to her teenage daughter.

Higher Love: The main plot made me shake my head, but there were moments, such as the stroller scene and the (literal) elephant in the room. :XD:

Hank After Dark: The main plot focuses on Diane, and addresses the Cosby scandal using Hank Hippopopulis as a stand-in. It is a fairly serious, yet well-written story. As for the subplot, it's an obvious yet quite funny Prince-and-Pauper story with Todd, naturally.

Let's Find Out: The animation and humor in this episode are great, while the revelation scene was rather deep.

The Shot: An interesting episode. BoJack shows his tears for the first time. We get to see Diane's brief outing in Cordovia. I also like the parts where Princess Carolyn fantasizes herself in a painting.

Yes And: I wasn't expecting this episode to turn out like it did. Half of it is about Todd in an improv group and the other half is about Diane hiding from the truth, and by the 3rd act, everything becomes all sad... :'( I'm actually impressed.

Escape from L.A.: Picking up where the last episode left off, this episode starts off fairly comedic, until BoJack offers to chaperone Charlotte's daughter Penny at the prom after spending 2 months at their place, and things go downhill when BoJack does something stupid and Penny's hormones start getting the better of her. Before the episode becomes almost as depressing as "The Telescope", Charlotte says "you can't escape who you are", which I can't help but think is true. As for more comedic moments, Pete Repete was... slightly chuckle-worthy, though not as much as the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote reference.

Out to Sea: This episode may not be as emotional as "Later" was, but it was still funny and heartwarming.
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