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Top 10 Cartoons/Anime Meme by EmiOhki Top 10 Cartoons/Anime Meme by EmiOhki
Original meme by KillerSandy:…

This is a revised list to replace the two separate ones I deleted.

10. Tiny Toon Adventures (1990 - 1993)
Quite possibly the most memorable non-anime cartoon in my childhood that isn't Disney or Nickelodeon (technically). I kinda wanted to BE Babs.

9. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers (1989 - 1992)
Once you hear the theme song, you cannot escape this show.

8. Tenchi Muyo! (1992)
This was the anime that inspired my username on this site. Ryo-Ohki was one of my inspirations.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009 - 2010)
This was a closer adaptation of the original manga than the first anime, so logically, this would be the superior version.

6. Futurama (1999 - 2013)
Due to the eventual staleness of the later Simpsons episodes, this spot goes to its sci-fi equivalent. Any hilarious or heart-wrenching moment is done very right.

5. Yu Yu Hakusho (1992 - 1996)
Interchangeable with Futurama above. Full of fantastic world-building and the occasional weird humor.

4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010 - 201?)
At first, I didn't get why this show was a big deal, and then I started watching it, and now I'm one of the Pegasisters (appropriate since Fluttershy is my favorite character on the show).

3. Dragon Ball Z (1989 - 1996)
This was to anime as The Simpsons were to western animation, and it's also another source of inspiration for my art on here.

2. Yu-Gi-Oh (1998 - 2004)
If you found Bleach pretentious, then choose this as an alternative. I also had a crush on the main character when I was 10.

1. Sailor Moon (1992 - 1997)
Yet another source of inspiration. It's very high on my list due to having 2 X chromosomes.
Sanji07 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
Yugioh and MLP. <3
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